On behalf of the entire Navian Hawaii ohana, we wish you and your loved ones good health and wellness during this challenging, unprecedented time. Amidst the numerous changes and challenges resulting from COVID-19, communication with you—our valued community supporters—becomes more important than ever. With that, I wanted to take time to share some crucial updates on the steps we’ve taken at Navian Hawaii in response to COVID-19.

Our Commitment to Patients Remains the Same
As a community-based non-profit, not a moment has gone by without our team considering ways to fulfill our mission to bring hope, reduce fears, and impact lives. Our clinical team are our frontline heroes who continue to provide quality care and compassionate support for Hawaii’s most vulnerable. Toward this end, we’ve made necessary adjustments to our day-to-day operations, established new safety protocols, and invested in technology that allows us to communicate with patients and their families.

Caring for the Community
In these trying times, we’ve stepped up to support the community in numerous ways. Our licensed counselors, for instance, are stepping up to offer counseling support to families that’ve lost a loved one to COVID-19, healthcare providers and frontline workers who are facing emotional challenges, and families that are enduring complications with their grief in light of home quarantine and social distancing regulations.

How We Continue to Serve
We’re so thankful to have a dedicated team of professionals in all disciplines who are committed to our mission and remain strong and united in the face of struggles and numerous challenges. As a community-based organization, we’re committed to meeting the needs of the local community during these unprecedented times—whether or not they are on our service. Below are a few recent changes to our daily operations that ensure the health and safety of our patients, their family, and our frontline heroes:

  • In line with CDC guidance, we provided our staff with training and valuable resources including a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) user guideline, COVID-19 daily routine and safety protocols, and COVID-19 quarantine guidelines.
  • While we continue to require comprehensive face-to-face patient visits to be scheduled in advance and completed in a timely manner, we’ve implemented a few extra steps to ensure the safety of all parties. Our staff completes a health assessment at the start of every shift by checking their temperatures. Our staff also utilizes an extensive screening process to gather as much health information about our patients and their families as possible. The info gathered can also prepare our staff to asses that they have the adequate supplies to provide the high-quality care our patients deserve.
  • At our Kailua Home, we’ve implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 screening protocol for anyone entering the home, including staff, vendors and patient visitors. We’ve also limited visitation to immediate family members, healthcare power of attorney, or requests made by the patient.

We’re confident that these prudent measures we’ve taken will continue to protect the health and wellbeing of our Navian Hawaii ohana. Thank you for your ongoing support of our organization—we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission to bring hope, reduce fears, and impact lives without you as part of our ohana.

To help ensure the health and safety of our community, we have decided to postpone the following special community events/services to a later date:

  • In light of the CDC’s recommendation to cancel or postpone in-person events of 50 or more people, this year’s Hot Pursuit scheduled for April 25, 2020 has been postponed to a later date. For more information on Hot Pursuit, click here.
  • All Bereavement Grief Support Groups/Events will be meeting virtually via Zoom until further notice. For more information, click here.

For more resources about the coronavirus from the CDC, see below: