Did You Know?

“Did You Know?” is a series of videos brought to you by Navian Hawaii as a resource for support and helpful information. Learn about some of our services; as well as tips and techniques for caring for loved ones at home.

Did You Know… there are techniques to help with restlessness and anxiety?

Not sure what to do when your loved one is showing signs of anxiousness and restlessness? Watch our newest ‘Did You Know?’ video to learn techniques that may help.

Did You Know… hand casting is a personal way of capturing the love between two people?

Memory making is an important part of life’s journey. We offer patients the opportunity to create hand castings, an intricately detailed sculpture created from molds of the patient and a loved one’s hands.

Did You Know… there are things you can actively do to prevent falls in the home?

Bedroom safety tips for different safety hazards you may encounter in the bedroom and how to prevent them.

Did You Know … there are techniques to minimize fall risk?

Caregiver Tips for minimizing fall risk and how to assist the patient in the event that a fall happens.

Did You Know… there is a proper way to safely dispose of medications?

Our Navian team guides you through the proper way to safely dispose of medications at home along with the do’s and don’ts.