Meet Jerome “Frank” Savusa, a junior at Mililani High School. The 17-year-old enjoys making jokes and making people laugh. Frank is one of five children and loves spending time with his family and friends!

In 2016, Frank was diagnosed with a form of carcinoma cancer that started on his face, and eventually spread to his upper body and back. In order to receive medical treatment, he was forced to leave his immediate family and home in American Samoa, and traveled more than 2,500 miles to Hawaii. Frank initially made the move with his aunty and uncle, settling into small two-story apartment in Mililani.

Earlier this year, Frank’s parents, Shute and Telesia, and three younger siblings finally joined him on Oahu, and are now his sole caretakers. With all of them living together, it now make Frank’s small apartments seem even smaller. Since moving to Hawaii, the Savusa family has had a difficult time making ends meet, as Frank’s father, Shute, is unable to work full time. Frank and his family miss their home in American Samoa very dearly, and are slowly adjusting to life in Hawaii. They are hoping to receive donations from Little Things, Big Differences to help them feel more comfortable in their new home and to enjoy family activities together, as they plan to stay here for as long as needed.

Mahalo to all of our supporters who donated Little things to make a Big Difference in Frank’s life! He received a fishing pole, t-shirts, some gift cards, a football and more. Frank and his family were very happy and grateful to receive all of the generous donations, especially the football!

Mahalo for your support!