We’re currently seeking donations for pediatric hospice patients Punualii and Pulikikaua Kahanu and their family through its Little Things, Big Differences program. Both brothers suffer from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and would benefit greatly from donations of air conditioning units and installation support, grocery gift cards, books and more to bring comfort and relief for the Kahanu family.

“Caring for two sick children is an unfathomably difficult job that no one should have to tackle alone,” said Navian Hawaii President and CEO Tori Abe Carapelho. “This is why we created our Little Things, Big Differences program to provide support for parents and families by helping in small but meaningful ways. Our program helps to alleviate some of the burden on families while allowing them to be loving fathers, mothers, and siblings.”

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness due to the alterations of a protein called dystophin that helps keeps muscle cells intact. Both brothers have lost muscle mass in their limbs, heart and lungs.

Though they have limited function of their hands and legs, both Punualii and Pulikikaua enjoy spending time outdoors with their parents, reading books, and listening to music. Their declining conditions have taken a toll on their mother, who serves as their full-time caregiver, as well as their father, who travels frequently for his job. Resources like functioning air conditioning units would vastly improve their quality of life and enable them to enjoy quality time with their parents.

Little Things that will make a Big Difference for Punualii, Pulikikaua, and their family include:

  • Two air conditioning units, one for each boy’s bedroom, as well as expert assistance with installing the units
  • Grocery gift cards (Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target, Ace Hardware for air conditioning units)
  • Google Play gift cards for audiobooks
  • Graphic novels and children’s books (including Percy Jackson series, Marvel comic books, Naruto, etc.)

Donations can be delivered or mailed to the Navian Hawaii office at 860 Iwilei Road. For information, call (808) 791-8075, email marketing@navianhawaii.org.