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For the past 40 years, Hospice Hawaii has worked diligently to support our patients’ choices, preserve their dignity, and allow them to live life as fully as possible. Over the course of our history, we’ve seen so many people living with serious but treatable illnesses who aren’t yet ready for hospice but require support services to improve their quality of life. In order to provide care for every life journey while fulfilling unmet needs in our local community, we’ve adopted a new name to encompass our expanded model of care, and we’re proud to announce that Hospice Hawaii is now Navian Hawaii!

Formed from the words “Navigator” and “Guardian,” Navian Hawaii is grounded in our mission to serve and advocate for our patients in these two roles. Like navigators of a voyaging canoe, our staff helps people navigate out of the storm of uncertainty and to calmer, brighter seas. As guardians, our staff protects the personal wishes and values of everyone under our care.

We fulfill our roles as Navigator and Guardian through our two pillars of service: Hospice Care and Integrated Care.

While most are familiar with our hospice care services, you may be surprised to hear of Integrated Care. Through our new Integrated Care program, we provide specialized medical and emotional support for patients living with serious illness. Our program is comprised of a dedicated team that includes a Social Worker and a Nurse Practitioner to provide disease process education, emotional support, advanced care planning, and a variety of additional services for patients who don’t know where to turn for help. Patients can also seek curative treatments while participating in our Integrated Care Program.

The distinction is clear: Integrated Care is not hospice care. Rather, it is designed to alleviate the pain and challenges patients face—both physical and emotional—when living with a serious condition.

Please rest assured that at our core, we are the exact same nonprofit community organization that we’ve always been. We are not being taken over by a national corporate company, but are remaining in Hawaii, operating for Hawaii. Our mission, values, and beliefs have not changed; rather, what has changed is our ability to reach a wider sector of individuals in the local community who require specialized care.

We all have a Navian in our lives—the person who supports us unconditionally and whom we trust implicitly. Navian Hawaii wants to fill this role in the lives of our patients through our two innovative programs and our interdisciplinary approach to care. At Navian Hawaii, we travel each journey with our patients and their families, helping them raise their sails high for the journey ahead.

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