Navian Hawaii: Charting the Voyage Ahead

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Last year, we announced a pivotal change for our organization: Hospice Hawaii is now Navian Hawaii! In an effort to provide care for every life journey, we decided to change our name to one that represents who we see ourselves, as “navigators” and “guardians” of our patients and their loved ones.

Since then, many people have asked about the impetus for our name change. Why change something people all over the state already recognized and understood? Indeed, our Hospice Hawaii name served us well for 40 years. However, when we decided to expand our services to include Integrated Care, we discovered that if hospice wasn’t what you were looking for, having the word “hospice” in a name could be frightening.

In order to prevent people from turning away from a service they deserved simply because of the implications of our name, we knew that along with our services, our name also needed to evolve. To develop the best plan for our future, we explored what other organizations had done, consulted with our advisors and conducted extensive market research.

Formed from the words “Navigator” and “Guardian,” our new name Navian is a reflection of our mission to serve and advocate for our patients in these two roles. Like navigators of a voyaging canoe, our staff helps people navigate out of the storm of uncertainty and to calmer, brighter seas. As guardians, our staff protects the personal wishes and values of everyone under our care.

Despite our new name, our core remains the same. We are still the same non-profit community organization started by the community, for the community, with the same mission, beliefs and values. As Navian Hawaii, we will continue to answer to the local community in order to bring hope, reduce fears, and impact lives. The name change simply allows us to open ourselves up to a new opportunity, allowing us to help more patients in need and stay true to who we are.

So thank you for standing by our side during this recent name change. United as Navian Hawaii, we’re proud to embark upon a new journey to improve the lives of Hawaii’s people, to celebrate every one of life’s moments, and to navigate always in the direction of hope.

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