Control What’s Important to YouCreate Your Estate Plan

Many of our supporters know what is truly important to them and wish to take steps to turn their values into action. Whether it is ensuring their loved ones are cared for or allocating their assets in a way that is most meaningful, putting an estate plan in place need not be complicated. Follow these steps and you will have completed the basic elements of your estate plan.

  • Identify Personal Contacts – those to be contacted in the event of an emergency
  • Record Medical Information – doctors, medications, medical insurance
  • List Financial Information – prepare a list of your assets, along with names of banks, investment and insurance companies
  • List Financial Obligations – document the details and payment arrangements about monthly bills: mortgage or rent, utilities, loans, etc. and their corresponding online access
  • Identify Relevant Professional Advisors – financial advisor, accountant, attorneys
  • Disclose Document Locations – disclose the location of your estate plan if you have one, healthcare directives, and safe deposit box and its keys
  • List Digital Records – make a list of all your email and social media accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram usernames and passwords
  • Assess Your Family Situation – blended marriage, stepchildren, grandchildren
  • Decide What You Want to leave to loved ones and charity
  • Discuss Your Plans with family members

If you are considering including Navian Hawaii as part of your future plans, we can help you get started. Please let us know if there is any way we can support you during this time.

Contact our Philanthropy Manager at 808-791-8084 or email

“I am pleased that the gift in my will can provide future support to an organization that is dear to my heart. You were there for both my father, Richard Yamanaka, and my husband, Kenneth. Thank you for standing by our side when we needed you most!”

– Kathleen Nagai