The Navian Hawaii Story

With every new life, a new journey begins. Each of us are on a journey of our own. How long will each of our journeys last? All we can do is treat every moment as precious.

In 1979, a team of visionaries did exactly that. They created Hospice Hawaii, so that the end of every journey would be just as beautiful as the beginning. As leaders of this non-profit organization, they cared for people with life-threatening illnesses, providing relief from suffering, unwavering emotional support, and unshakeable hope.

Over the decades, the devoted staff of Hospice Hawaii has carried forth this vision of caring, helping tens of thousands of patients treat every moment as a moment worth living. End-of-life care is now becoming accepted as sound medical practice. And, the knowledge that has been developed can be applied to help not only those who are dying, but to improve the quality of life of those who are living.

By working closely with hospitals, physicians and care providers, we can offer an additional layer of care, improving patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs and extending lives.

As we expanded our purpose to provide care for every life journey, our Hospice Hawaii name evolved to Navian Hawaii. Formed from the words “Navigator” and “Guardian,” Navian is a modern take on the critical roles each staff member performs. As navigators, the Navian ohana provides clarity and guidance through times of uncertainty. As guardians, they provide healing and compassion.

United as Navian Hawaii, we are on a journey to improve the lives of Hawaii’s people, to celebrate every one of life’s moments, and to navigate always in the direction of hope.