About Navian Hawaii

Navian / nav-vee-uhn

As Hospice Hawaii, we provided Hospice Care at journey’s end. Now as Navian Hawaii, our expanded services allow us to provide care earlier in a patient’s journey. Our Integrated Care delivers specialized care to those with serious illnesses, before Hospice Care is needed.

Navian is a combination of the words “Navigator” and “Guardian.” As a navigator, we provide clarity and guidance through times of uncertainty. As a guardian, we care for people and protect their wishes. Navian Hawaii is here to guide and assist patients and their families through difficult times, providing Integrated Care to patients battling serious illnesses or delivering Hospice Care to patients nearing their end-of-life journey.

The Navian Hawaii Logo

Our brand mark is the heart, a universal symbol of caring. Accented in green, the crest represents turbulance at the ocean’s surface, much like the emotional ups and downs our patients go through. But below the surface, under the waves, there is peace and calm. As navigators, we help our patients live more fully by finding the calm within.

Our Mission

To Bring Hope, Reduce Fears and Impact Lives.

Our Vision

We strive to be the trusted partner, fulfilling needs within Hawaii’s communities by providing education, cultivating acceptance and guiding patients and families through their journey.

Our Philosophy

Navian Hawaii’s philosophy, Na Hoa Malama (The Caring Friends), reflects a team approach dedicated to excellence. We focus on you or your loved one’s physical, psychosocial, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary program of care is designed to support your choices, preserve your dignity, and allow you the opportunity to live life as fully as possible in the comfort of your home or other chosen setting.

The Voyage Together

By Bobby Moderow, Jr.

Navian Hawaii, in collaboration with award-winning musician Bobby Moderow, Jr., released The Voyage Together, an original song celebrating the launch of Navian Hawaii and the beginning of our new journey. The song honors our commitment to improving the lives of Hawaii’s people, celebrating every one of life’s moments, and navigating in the direction of hope.

Available on iTunes and Google Music

Download or listen to our song on Apple Music, Google Music, or any major audio streaming platform!

Search for "Bobby Moderow Jr." in your favorite music platform and look for "The Voyage Together" or click on either of the buttons below.

Our Values

When we trust the integrity, strength and abilities of those around us, we empower one another. When we act openly and honestly, we set the truth free.

We are guided by moral and ethical principles. It is always the right time to do the right thing.

Only when we are fully present can we truly share in someone’s journey. To walk with a person is to be given a previous gift.

We honor the values and traditions of our patients and their families. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity as an equal and valued member of society.

Excellence isn’t achieved by a single act, but through lifelong learning. When we commit to practicing our values in all that we do, our excellence shines through.

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