Manaolana Keiki

(Hope for the Children)

Hospice care is not just for the elderly – it is available for anyone facing a life-limiting illness, including children. With the very first pediatric program of its kind in the state, Navian Hospice Hawaii has all the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the highest level of comfort and care for you and your keiki.

Navian Hospice Hawaii’s Pediatric Hospice Care Program provides support not just for the patient, but the entire family as well. Pediatric palliative care plans are based on the unique needs and age of each child. We provide a team of trusted care individuals who work closely with your child’s primary care physician.

Navian Hospice Hawaii pediatric hospice care

What to Expect From Our Pediatric Hospice Care Program

  • Comprehensive and specialized hospice care for children and support for their families
  • Available for any child, from newborn to teen, who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness
  • Dedicated and specially trained team of hospice physician, nurses, social workers, volunteers, and others who work closely with the child’s primary physician and healthcare team
  • Complementary therapies, such as art and music enrichment and play therapy to assist with coping and grief counseling
  • Pediatric experts and specially trained staff to relieve pain and suffering, and address emotional, social, and spiritual needs
  • Pediatric hospice care tailored to each patient’s age and developmental level
  • Pediatric palliative care for any age including infants, teens, and young adults
  • A unique team approach in caring for each child, their siblings, and their family. With Navian Hospice Hawaii’s support, siblings are no longer lost and confused, and parents no longer have to be the caregivers for their children, allowing them the time and freedom to create precious memories together
  • Intermittent visits our dedicated pediatric care team with a 24-hour on-call nurse to answer questions and address concerns

Complementary Services

In addition to counseling, we also offer other types of services including art and music enrichment, massage, pet, play and aromatherapy. Services are available to the entire family to increase your wellbeing and help you cope with the illness.

Concurrent Care

Navian Hospice Hawaii palliative care for children, known as concurrent care, is an innovative approach that allows your child to receive the full support services of pediatric hospice care while continuing curative or life-prolonging treatments. Ask if your child’s insurance plan covers concurrent care.

Specialized Care Plan

We tailor our hospice care plans for children and young adults with their age, developmental level, and unique medical needs of each child in mind. Working closely with your child’s physician means that our care plan is comprehensive, thoughtful, and always in your child’s best interest. You will continue to play a crucial role in meeting your child’s needs, guiding the care goals.

Pediatric Team

Our team of pediatric experts and specially trained staff and volunteers work together to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of your child and the entire family. Your child’s comfort is our top priority; we’re here to provide relief from the pain and symptoms caused by an illness and to offer your family as much emotional, social and spiritual support as you need.