Navian Hospice Hawaii’s goal is to provide patients with the highest quality of life possible, wherever they call home. Based on the patient’s preferences or needs, care can be provided in a full range of settings.

The Patient's Home

It’s been proven that most patients prefer to be at home surrounded by family and loved ones during their final months, weeks and days. Navian Hospice Hawaii provides care primarily in the patient’s home or a loved one’s home, striving to enhance the patient’s physical and mental well-being.

When care at home becomes difficult, Navian Hospice Hawaii works with the patient and family to find a care setting to best meet the patient’s needs.

Navian Hospice Hawaii patient home

Navian Hospice Hawaii Kailua Home

In Tranquil Enchanted Lake

At Navian Hospice Hawaii, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality of life possible for those in our care. Our dedicated team of specialists – composed of skilled physicians, nurses, social workers, hospice aides, chaplains and trained volunteers – are happy to travel to wherever you are. While most patients choose to receive care at home, some may require more support. At Navian Hospice Hawaii, we offer our very own care setting in beautiful Kailua.

Located in tranquil Enchanted Lake, the Navian Hospice Hawaii Kailua Home was designed to be your home away from home. Boasting large front and back lawns, a swimming pool, spacious floor plan, and equipped with all the living essentials, your comfort is our top priority. Along with housing, we provide 24/7 nursing care, pain management, emotional and spiritual support, and the personalized attention of trained volunteers.

Navian Hospice Hawaii Kailua Home


  • 5 Private bedrooms with air-conditioning and ceiling fans
  • Spacious lawn area
  • Gardens
  • Pool
  • Cable television
  • Living room
  • Lanai


  • Comfortable, home-style setting environment
  • Caring staff
  • Located on bus route
  • Flexible visiting hours
  • Home cooked meals and snacks available 24/7
  • Overnight stays available for families
  • Counseling and education on end-of-life transition
  • Individualized care
Navian Hospice Hawaii Kailua Home bedroom
nursing homes


Patients on Molokai are cared for primarily in their own home or other setting of their choice. Molokai residents on Oahu who desire hospice care can also enroll in Navian Hospice Hawaii on Oahu, or ask the team to coordinate and support their transition.


Since 2014, the Navian Hospice Hawaii Lanai team has cared for more than 45 families. Navian Hospice Hawaii’s presence on Lanai has elevated the dignity of community members’ end-of-life journeys, and has provided crucial support for families caring for their loved ones.