Available Volunteer Positions

  • Patient Visitor Volunteer
    Provides companionship, respite, chores, errands and light physical care for patients and families.
  • Office Volunteer
    Provides filing, computer data entry, typing, telephone, bulk mailing, and receptionist support.
  • Community Representative Volunteer:
    Assists marketing & development staff at special educational or fundraising events such as community outreach presentations and senior fairs.
  • Professional Volunteer
    Provides leadership to the organization as a member of Navian Hawaii’s Board of Directors or other professional services such as notary, etc.
  • Healing Arts Volunteer:
    Provides comfort to help alleviate pain and promote a sense of wellbeing to the patient. Healing arts includes pet therapy, art therapy, aromatherapy, therapeutic music, Healing Touch and Reiki.

For questions, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 808-924-9255 or volunteer@navianhawaii.org

Navian Hawaii volunteer opportunities