Available Volunteer Positions

Healing Arts Volunteer

Currently seeking:

  • Aromatherapy Volunteer
    Certified to use essential oils safely and effectively on patients and families.
  • Handcasting Volunteer
    Art or crafts interest; compassionate and supportive with patient and families.
  • Massage Therapy Volunteer
    Current license as a Massage Therapist in the State of Hawaii.
  • Music Enrichment Volunteer
    Must be able to play and provide own instrument such as a guitar or ukulele; compassionate and supportive.
  • Pet Therapy Volunteer
    Be able to provide support to Navian Hawaii’s patients and families.
    Pets must be trained and certified from a certified pet therapy organization.
  • Reiki Volunteer
    Provide Reiki complementary care therapy support to the patient and their family in a professional and safe manner. Must provide certificate of training from organization such as the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Community and Patient Volunteer

Currently Seeking:

  • Bereavement Volunteer
    Assists with check-in calls to family members and with bereavement mailing. Possible opportunities to assist with events including memorial services, workshops, and support groups.
  • Community Representative Volunteer
    Assists marketing & development staff at special educational or fundraising events such as community outreach presentations and senior fairs.
  • Hair Stylist Volunteer
    Current barber or cosmetologist/hairdresser license from the Hawaii Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Must provide and maintain proper sanitation of supplies and tools to complete hair care request.
  • Notary Volunteer
    Duties include administering oaths, witnessing the signing of documents, attesting to the identity of the signers of the document, noting protests, taking acknowledgements of documents, and notarizing legal documents related to medical issues.
  • Patient Visitor Volunteer
    Provides companionship, respite, chores, errands and light physical care for patients and families.
  • Professional Volunteer
    Provides leadership to the organization as a member of Navian Hawaii’s Board of Directors or other professional services.
  • Gardener Volunteer at Navian Hawaii’s Kailua Home
    Tend to the garden and yard at the Navian Hawaii’s Kailua Home, including planting, weeding, watering, and pruning plants as well as ensuring that pathways are clear and safe.

Office Volunteer

Currently seeking:

  • Volunteer Receptionist
    Reception duties, which includes but is not limited to answering all phone calls, taking messages accurately and greeting visitors and staff. Assists and supports other departments as needed

Veteran Volunteer

Participates in Pinning Ceremonies honoring our Veteran Patient’s service and dedication. A Veterans Pinning Ceremony publicly acknowledges the military service and sacrifices made by the Veteran and his/her family.

To apply, complete and submit the Volunteer Application.

For questions, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 808-924-9255 or volunteer@navianhawaii.org

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