Navian Hospice Hawaii's Commitment

Since 1979, Hospice Hawaii has provided comprehensive physical, emotional and spiritual care to patients faced with an advanced or life-limiting illness and to their families. The patient and his or her loved ones are the central focus of all care that our team provides.

We encourage you to discuss hospice and palliative care services with your patients as part of the continuum of care throughout their lives. Our team is available to help you and your team identify signs of eligibility, assist with difficult conversations, and determine if it’s time to refer a patient for services.

A study by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) found that almost one-third of hospice patients die within one week of admission.

When patients are referred for hospice care earlier than later, there is more opportunity to manage their pain and symptoms, thus enhancing their quality of life while providing support to their families.

A study conducted by The New England Journal of Medicine also found that terminally ill patients who received hospice care lived longer with a higher quality of life than non-hospice patients with similar diagnoses.

Your doctor-patient relationship doesn’t end with a hospice referral. Should your patient come on our service, we want to partner with you and want you to stay involved with your patient’s care.

Navian Hospice Hawaii Healthcare commitment