The Calm Within

When Ziden arrived in the world, he did it with style. He was born with a cute mohawk. “It was super adorable,” says Ashley, and that was how she kept his hair for the first several months.

It is a cool morning near the top of Makakilo. Ashley is sitting on a sofa in her living room. She has a calming way about her, a patience she learned from caring for Ziden. “He was such a happy baby,” says Ashley.

Ziden was just 5 months old when he was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition.
For a loving mom who saw so much promise in her young son, it was heartbreaking news. “To realize your child will never get better – accepting that was hard to do.”

For the next 8 years, Ashley and her husband Rockson, diligently cared for Ziden, giving him all the love and support he needed. Providing around-the-clock care – while raising Ziden’s three younger sisters – was an act of pure perseverance. But as Ziden’s condition progressed, his medical demands grew more complex.

Ziden’s doctor referred Ashley and Rockson to Navian Hawaii. He knew their specialized pediatric care team could improve Ziden’s life and provide much needed relief for the family. Soon, a hospital bed was delivered so Ziden could sleep more comfortably, medications eased his symptoms and an oxygen machine helped him breathe easier.

Navian Hawaii’s pediatric team quickly rallied around Ziden and his family. A nurse case manager and pediatric physician stabilized Ziden’s condition, massage therapists gave Ziden soothing rubs and social workers provided guidance and support through the emotional ups and downs.

After 4 years of pediatric concurrent care, Ziden passed away at the age of 11. “Ziden taught me patience and understanding,” says Ashley. “We were happy to have him, we don’t regret anything.”

As Ashley is talking about Ziden, Ziden’s younger sister Zylie climbs into her mother’s lap. Zylie is too young to understand what has happened, but in her mother’s arms she finds calm. It is the gift her brother Ziden gave to his mom.