In May of last year, Danah’s father Greg passed away from esophageal cancer. The loss has been hard for Danah and the Navian Hawaii Bereavement team suggested that she write a letter to her father as part of her grieving process. These are the words she posted on her father’s Facebook account.

Dear Dad, My rock, my hero, an irreplaceable figure of strength, courage, values and integrity… I miss you tremendously! You fought, you fought hard with all you had, ‘til the end, for mom, the girls and I and your entire family. You never complained, always took care, gave us your undivided attention, time, your whole heart, endless love and words of wisdom. I’m so proud to be your daughter. I’m so very proud to call you dad. It’s been 4 months and it’s getting harder without you here. I miss your voice, your irritating questions, your crazy laugh, I miss our nightly routine of giving you your meds, waiting 20 minutes for it to kick in then massaging your back and legs and our kiss goodnight, every night ?. I read your letters that you would leave every Sunday on my car windshield when you were in remission and strong enough to walk to my house. You were preparing me to be able to go on without you. The girls and I miss having to roll down the window when leaving your house to do our nightly goodbyes ? “arrivederci, sayonara, mabuhay, buenos noches, we love you, see you tomorrow.” All those years the girls and I would get so irritated lol roll down the window cause papa has to say his goodbyes… Those letters I cherish, our special memories I hold so so dear to my heart and so grateful for your words to carry me through this unbearable loss. You touched so very many lives through your generosity, empathy, love and your giving spirit, it was palpable to those who knew and loved you. I will continue to strive to honor you… But dad, I just want you back!!! I’m lost, inconsolable, my heart is beyond broken. You are no longer in pain and you’re resting, I know. Thank you for being my daddy, my person, your unconditional love, compassion and support, for that I will be FOREVER grateful… Dad, well done ❤️❤️

“When we were in the hospital, I said, ‘dad, do you want to go home?’ He squeezed my hand,” says Danah. “In a matter of hours we were home. Navian Hospice Hawaii was there with his oxygen. They were very calm, kind and compassionate. They answered all my questions, what to do, how to give him peace. They took the time to support us, and reassured me that my dad wasn’t in pain. I miss him tremendously.” “It is through my words that I honor my father and the love we shared for one another. I know others like me are struggling through the grieving process and I want them to know they are not alone.”